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Meet the Keepers..

Maynards Mini Zoo's Head Keeper is Tim Maynard


Tim studied Zoology and trained as a Herpetologist and Entomologist at The Tropical Rainforest in West London and then went on to The Science Museum and the Natural History Museum where he honed his skills as a Science Educator and Show presenter


Associate Keeper 

Miss Annaleise Cooke brings a wealth of knowledge with Biology and experience as a Teacher and Home Educator

The Royal Institute for Science

The Natural History Museum

The Science Museum


Imperial College London

Burlington Arcade Piccadily 

London Fashion Week

The Last Tuesday Society

Suzette Field's A Curious Invitation

And many Schools, Social groups and Birthday Parties around the country! 



Maynard's Mini Zoo has Presented at and for...

All your Exotic Animal needs for your Event
  • We ensure that our Animals are always cared for and are closely monitored to ensure their safety and well being

  • Live Animals that can be handled and petted by all that choose to do so

  • We bring years of experience in Science Education and Presentations for Children and Adults 




  • Our staff are DBS checked

  • We are happy to provide Risk assesments and Public Liability information when required

  • Supply Anti-Bacterial Handwash at all of our events

  • We deliver a Fun, Exciting, Educational and Engaging Experience