Maynard's Mini Zoo brings a selection of Captive Bred, Hand-Reared animals for your educationnal visits, special events and social gatherings..

The most common question we get asked is "Are the animals Happy ?"


We would like you to feel compeletly at ease with our service and as so give you a bit of background about some of the critters of the Mini zoo..


We have a 3yr old Boa constictor Delilah, she was bred from a captive pair of Boa Constictors from Colombia, she hatched in October 2012, she is very affectionate and loves a cuddle!


Rocky is one of our Asian Water Dragons, he's very bold and a bit of a 'diva' he likes to be the centre of attion!


Gertrude is a Bearded Dragon, a 'German Giant' of breeding this seems to have made her somewhat a bit of a bossy boots! She will try and take food from the others if she can!!


That brings us to Bob the Frog, an African Bulfrog that's finding his way.. he's hust 18 months old but will grow to be an impressive beast of 1.5kg in weight!


Last but not least is Genevive..Or Vievi... she is our newest addition..she is a little shy but loves a cuddle, give her love and she'll give it back!


We obviously love our animals and we hope that you will too!